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Cameras & Video Doorbell

Answer your door or view your property from virtually anywhere with ADT cameras.

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Smart Lighting

Control your home’s interior and exterior lights with ADT’s automated home lighting and smart bulbs.

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Climate Control

Turn your phone into a remote that controls your comfort and energy costs from afar with ADT’s smart thermostat.

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Smart Door Locks

You can leave your keys at home by turning your phone into a virtual key with ADT’s smart door locks.

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Smart Garage Door

Control your garage door from anywhere with ADT’s smart garage door. You’ll never have to wonder if you left it open again!

Indoor/Outdoor Cameras

Typically installed around entry points of the home, indoor or outdoor cameras are a great addition to any home security system. Upon detecting any movement around the cameras, your outdoor cameras will alert you and begin recording to ensure that any suspicious activity is documented.

All cameras include two-way voice speakers, infrared night vision, continuous video recording, and video analytics which can distinguish between cars, animals, people, and packages for appropriate notifications.

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Video Doorbell

Answer your door and speak to your guests in real-time with ADT Video Doorbell using the ADT Control app. The built-in motion sensors detect when someone is approaching and alerts you so you can see who’s there. With full ADT Control app integration and on-demand live video, you can see who’s at your door, talk to them, arm or disarm your system and lock or unlock your door- from anywhere around the world.

Smart Lighting

Never arrive to a dark home again. With ADT’s smart bulbs and lighting automations, you can now take your light switches with you and adjust your home’s interior/exterior lighting on the go. The smart bulbs are simple to set up- just screw it into your light fixture and you’re done. The automation features allow you to schedule your lights to turn on/off or even dim at specific times of the day. For added protection, ADT’s smart bulbs can also be programmed to turn on as soon as the smoke alarm is triggered; making for an easier, faster escape from potential danger.

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Climate Control

Control your comfort and energy costs from virtually anywhere by turning your phone into a remote. With ADT’s Smart Thermostat, you can now adjust, automate, schedule and monitor your home’s temperature from any device. ADT’s Smart Thermostats allow you to set-up and schedule custom settings such as “at work” or “on vacation” for additional energy savings. For added convenience, you can also schedule notifications to alert you when your home is too cold or too warm; mitigating the threat of frozen pipes for good!

Smart Door Locks

Leave your keys at home with keyless entry and virtual app controls. Now, from anywhere in the world, you can lock and unlock your door with a simple touch of a button. For your added convenience, you can check the status of your locks remotely to confirm you locked them and should their status change, you can set up alerts to your phone so you always know who’s coming and going.

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Smart Garage Door

How many times have you left the house but turned around to see if you closed the garage door? With ADT’s smart garage door and Control app, you’ll never have to again. You’ll be able to check on the door, anytime from anywhere, and have the ability to open it or close it with a simple button. For your added convenience, you can set modes for various scenarios like “away” which would automatically close your door.

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